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The History Of


The year was 1962 and that place was Montgomery, Alabama. A man named Louie Hart had the notion of starting a multifamily plumbing company that would deal strictly with new construction. He only needed two great field workers to assist him. Luckily for him, he had his two sons, Billy & Gary. Throughout the 60’s, they would grow the company and move through various markets in Alabama, including Hunstville. Then the 70’s came and with that decade came their move to the much larger and more aggressive plumbing market of Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta was good to Hart Plumbing and the lessons learned there were tremendous.


At the dawn of the 80’s, Hart Plumbing was changing in many ways and had expanded to many multifamily markets like Washington D.C., and Phoneix, Arizona. However, Louie’s son Gary decided to take Hart Plumbing to its final yet boldest destination yet which was to be the great state of Texas. Gary chose the then small town of Sugar Land, Texas to be his base of operations as he and those who had followed him began to take the Houston market by storm. As the 80’s became the 90’s and the 90’s became the 2000’s, Hart Plumbing’s growth in the greater Houston multifamily market grew by leaps and bounds and its reputation followed that pace.

Hart Plumbing had seen a lot of economic shifts over the years including the great oil crisis that crushed Houston’s economy in mid 80’s, but nothing would hold a candle to the great recession of the late 2000’s that riddled this great country. At that moment in time, Gary turned to his son, Garrett, who had spent summers, working in the field, but had went on to get his bachelor’s and then master’s degree, to come and take a leading role in the company. After much deliberation, Garrett decided to accept and embrace his namesake. Armed with a tremendous degree of education and his experience in plumbing, Garrett lead the company through the storm. Now, a decade later, Hart Plumbing is the strongest is has been in its 55 year history. Our reach now spreads from one end of the great state of Texas to another and we're just getting started.

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